The Church must be about serving.  Serving the congregation is a mandate that Christ has left as the responsibility of the Pastor and members.  The Pastor is the servant to the members and the members are to serve one another.  A servant is one that ministers to the needs of others.  A congregation is the social structure of the local church consisting of people with various needs.  These needs range from physical and emotional to spiritual.  In order to facilitate the needs of God’s people, God has given the members of his church differing gifts.

I believe as the Pastor, God has given me the ability to help the members discover their gifts and empower them to use them to serve the church and community. This website contains the ministries and leaders of Greater Heights COGIC who do just that. 

 As you will see, we are a purpose driven church, spirit-led church.  Founded on Biblical principles.  The Bible has instructions on how to minister to the whole man. That is our goal.

If you're interested in becoming a member of Roosevelt Heights, get to know the mission of the church as you will be expected to be actively involved in ministry. 
I invite you to read each ministry statement of purpose and pray for guidance about the one in which you're interested in serving. 
Your servant,
Dr. John Wayne Penton, Sr.
Greater Heights Church of God in Christ
4819 South 12th Street
Tacoma, WA 98405
(253) 627-1615