Kenneth Penton, Finance Manager/Trustee Board Chairman/Deacon

Ken is a happily married retired Tacoma Public Utilities Administrative Service Manager. During his tenure with the city, he implemented the first barcoded system in city warehouses and assisted with the rollout of Click Cable. As warehouse supervisor he was instrumental in converting city warehouse office computers from mainframe to personal computer workstations.

One of his finest attributes is the ability to manage processes and produce results of superior quality within budget.  He prides himself in doing things the right way for the right reason and is definitely big on integrity. Ken has juggled hats in his service to the church, community, and family for years. He has served as Trustee Board Chairman for Roosevelt Heights for more than 16 years as well as Finance Manager and member of the Deacon Board. He is an asset and enjoys serving.

Among his many accomplishments and his most prized are his theater set designs include: "Why Lie";  "Till Death Do Us Part"; and most recently  "Walking After Crossing Jordan".