Children Church Ministry

Sunshine Band Teachers: Lois Johnson 
Children’s Church Ministry  

This ministry is designed to help each child learn how to associate their experience with God, Jesus, and the Bible through solving problems, sharing, and expressing themselves while thinking of their home as a place of love and security; and to learn to respect others and their interests.

List of Responsibilities:

·      Provide a safe Christian environment for children to grow physically, socially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

·      Promote communication and understanding between parents and teachers.

·      Encourage active participation by parents in their visitation, fellowship, study, and worship.

·      Coordinate space assigned to the Children Ministry.

·      Select, train and screen all children employees and volunteers including background checks.

·      Enlist cooperation on the part of the entire church to continually improve the program for children ministry.

·      Prepare the ministry's annual General Operating Budget request.

·      Present an Annual Report of ministry to the Ministries Council.

·      Perform other duties as requested by the Ministries Council.

The Children pay a tribute to Fathers on Father's Day.
Sister Priscilla Floyd