Benevolence Ministry

Benevolence/Bereavement Ministry

To glorify Jesus Christ by sharing Christ's love in a tangible way, with those in need both in and outside our congregation.

List of Responsibilities:

·      Determine the spiritual condition of everyone who seeks help, encouraging them in their walk with Christ if they are believers and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ if they are not born again.

·      Assess the amount and frequency of assistance to individuals or families.

·      Identify and meet the needs presented, in a godly, wise, and Biblical manner and within the limitations of this ministry.

·      Identify the root causes of needs, rather than only the outward symptoms and share that information with the parties who are seeking help.

·      Formulate and carry out a plan to remedy the root causes of the needs.

·      Involve each recipient of help in the life and activities of our church (in the most appropriate and beneficial way possible).

·      Recruit and train volunteers to serve in this ministry based on their spiritual giftedness.

·      Identify church members and community businesses that will provide areas of assistance (i.e. automotive repairs, grocery store gift certificates, etc.).

·      Investigate and determine reputable community service agencies which the ministry team can refer needy individuals to.

·      Investigate and distribute benevolence resources as needed.

·      Adhere to the Benevolence guidelines as documented in the Ministry Section of the church's Policies and Procedures Manual.  These guidelines also provide responsibilities for the various ministry team members.


Sister Catherine Hart
Phone:253 627-1615