Hospitality Ministry
The Hospitality Ministry is also a servant ministry. Their overall focus is to coordinate and ... more

Elders and Ministers Wives Ministry
This ministry provides support to the wives of the elders and ministers.

Helps Ministry

Altar Ministry
The role of the Altar Worker Ministry is to assist those who come to the altar in making ... more

Benevolence Ministry
Benevolence/Bereavement Ministry To glorify Jesus Christ by sharing Christ's love in a ... more

Help Ministry serves the church in supportive ways such as meeting the needs of the people that comes to the church.
Street Ministry
This Ministry provides Clothing, blankets, gloves and food to those without shelter as it ... more

Usher's Ministry Team
The ministry of the usher goes far beyond opening a door. The purpose of an usher is to ... more

Armor Bearer Ministry
The Armor Bearer is a servant Ministry. This ministry works closely with the pastor and First ... more