Usher's Ministry Team

The ministry of the usher goes far beyond opening a door.  The purpose of an usher is to represent Christ to all that come to worship at the church.  In a sense, they serve as the host of the building in which believers and strangers gather to seek God.  This purpose alone expresses the privilege and responsibility that falls to a church usher. Adhere to the Ushering in Worship Centerguidelines as documented in the Ministry Section of the church's Policies and Procedures Manual.

List of Responsibilities:

       ·      Arrive early for worship service (30 minutes prior to starting time is usual).

·      Make sure that all appropriate doors are opened and lights are turned on.

·      Always check the rest-room facilities for cleanliness.

·      If necessary, sweep or clean entrance ways.

·      Check thermostat settings for appropriate cooling and heating.

·      Pick up any trash on church pews and straighten hymnal rack materials.

·      Make sure bulletins, offering plates, guest cards, and other needed materials are ready and available.  Be clear on the order of worship.

·      As guests arrive, greet them with a smile and a warm word of welcome.  Introduce yourself.

·      Assist people with information, materials, and seating as needed.

·      During the service be aware of needs and move to meet such needs appropriately.

·      Gather offerings during service.  No usher should ever be left alone when the offering is being taken.

·      Assure that small children do not enter restrooms unattended without parents.


Sister Margaret Logan