M.O.D. Squad Ministry

Assist men in developing a strong personal relationship with the Lord and equipping them to be the spiritual leaders in their homes, church, and in the marketplace.

List of Responsibilities:

·      Bible Study and Elective Classes  Classes are offered each fall and spring for a five-or ten-week period.  These classes are designed to help men understand their value to God and to gain a deeper knowledge of Him, to teach men how to apply this knowledge in their lives, to provide opportunities for men to discuss this material, to encourage men to move toward discipleship and to provide an atmosphere that encourages friendships.

·      Men's Luncheon  Each spring a luncheon is sponsored by Men's Ministries.  This event is designed as an outreach.  Men in the church are encouraged to invite family and friends to join together for a time of fellowship and teaching by a guest speaker on issues facing men today.

·      Men's Breakfast  Periodically throughout the year working men meet for a continental breakfast, fellowship and discussion of their needs in the marketplace.  A guest speaker addresses particular concerns relating to the man.

·      Workshop Seminars  One-day seminars are offered each fall.  Topics discussed relate specifically to men and are ones that are not usually addressed during the weekend and midweek services.
  •  Discipleship Groups 

    Discipleship groups provide men with the opportunity to mature spiritually by offering them the chance to make a long-term commitment to personal Christian growth and development.  The goal of each group is to expand the knowledge and perspective of God's greatness and His involvement in each member's life and to help members develop a spirit of, which is pleasing to the Lord.  Group members are encouraged to develop Christlike relationships, become .